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Nowadays you have to be very careful when meeting someone new, especially if you’re looking for a babysitter, dating someone you met online, or hiring someone for a sensitive job.

Although you can pay a private investigator to uncover someone’s mistakes, using various online tools can yield a great deal of information and knowledge. However, don’t believe everything you read.

#1. Find Shared Notes

Cara Menggunakan Komputer Anda untuk Melacak Orang: 9 Langkah

1. Know what to look for. If you search through a person’s general records, you will find little information. You can get a retainer listing, but usually the details aren’t explained.

Sometimes some reports may contradict each other due to differences in sources and timing of data collection. Never rely solely on what you read and try to verify information from other sources.

  • Even something as simple as someone’s favorite music or movie can’t be true. They probably did it five years ago and maybe their tastes have changed now.

Cara Menggunakan Komputer Anda untuk Melacak Orang: 9 Langkah

2. Understand what information can be displayed. The information that can be obtained from public records can be as simple as name, address and telephone number. In some regions, you can search birth and death dates, marriage and divorce records, and felony, legal, and sex offenses information. Licensing information, proprietary and other documents belong only to the government and certain organizations.

Cara Menggunakan Komputer Anda untuk Melacak Orang: 9 Langkah

3. Use a general search engine for records. There are many websites that allow you to search public records for free, and many websites offer a paid search service.

Please note that some public listings are not free and obtaining the appropriate permissions and permissions may take some time. In addition, the records kept by the website may be out of date. Here are some great websites to start your search:

  • Free Public Records Search Directory . This site allows you to search public records from any state or union. If the note can’t be found using search, they often provide contact information to retrieve the note. You need to know the approximate location of the person you want to track.
  • Family Watchdog – This site hosts the National Sexual Offender Registry and you can search for offenders by name or location. Keep in mind that in the event of violations, no information is usually given, which can lead to negative consequences without proof.
  • Local Department of Correction websites – In most states, you can access public criminal records. Each state has its own website address, but you can easily find it by typing “.Search Engine Improvement Service”.

Cara Menggunakan Komputer Anda untuk Melacak Orang: 9 Langkah

4. Use a paid search service. Paid searches for general listings can return more results than free searches, but be aware that you can get paid search results if you take the time to contact different agencies. If you don’t have time for this, it is more time and cost efficient to pay for a search service.

#2. look on the internet

Cara Menggunakan Komputer Anda untuk Melacak Orang: 9 Langkah

1. Use a people search engine. There are various search engine websites designed to find information about an individual through their public social media profiles and online activities.

This search is usually free, although most websites offer a paid advanced search service. Using multiple services at once will help you get clear information. Here are some popular people search sites:

  • people . This website shows information about social media, age and location for free. You only need to enter a name, but you can narrow your search results by entering a space. However, the common name will produce several results.
  • 123 people . This site also displays social media information, as well as links to public search registers and paid criminal records.
  • ZabaSearch – This website displays similar information and provides quick links for paid name and phone number searches.

Cara Menggunakan Komputer Anda untuk Melacak Orang: 9 Langkah

2. Search with multiple search engines. Although it may seem obvious, you can actually find a lot of information about a person through a web search. The more you know about a person, the more results you’ll get from your search. Use more than one search engine to find more results than one search engine can find.

  • Search by name. This search is the simplest and usually shows all mentions on local social media and media profiles.
  • Search by email. Searching for a person’s email address may return a list of websites that list the person’s email address but not their name. You probably won’t get many results from this search, but there may at least be additional results.
  • Search by username, e.g. B. for the email address of a person without a domain. For example, if the email address in question is , search for the keyword “cutecat74 “. Often people register on forums and other websites with just their default username. Therefore, this search will help you find the results of their forum posts and give you an idea of ​​what the person is concerned about.

Cara Menggunakan Komputer Anda untuk Melacak Orang: 9 Langkah

3. Compare search results. Chances are you’ll get different search results from different sources. Remember that you should assume that the information you receive is incorrect or incomplete. Compare your results and see if a trend emerges. This comparison helps you ensure that your search results are at least reasonably accurate.

#3. find an extreme way

Cara Menggunakan Komputer Anda untuk Melacak Orang: 9 Langkah

1. Create Fake Facebook Profile. This step is quite complicated, but you can create a fake profile (preferably with an interesting photo) and send that person a friend request. Having some friends together will help. By finding friends on Facebook, you typically have access to their personal information, which is only visible to your friends.

  • Many people consider this step a major invasion of privacy, so only do it if you really have to. Be prepared to face the consequences and be known as a hunter if caught.

Cara Menggunakan Komputer Anda untuk Melacak Orang: 9 Langkah

2. Talk to the person concerned. The only way to verify the accuracy of the information you receive is to speak directly to the data subject. As the interviewer, you should be able to easily ask any questions that may arise. When examining someone privately, you may need to exercise caution.

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