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The Vampire Ship


Sep 29, 2020
The Vampire Ship

On April 28, 2014, a fishing trawler intercepted an oil tanker within the Gulf of Oman, a day after the tanker had left Dubai for Greece. Three males climbed aboard the tanker and spent the evening packing quite a lot of of microscopic sacks of heroin, weighing on the least two metric plenty in total, into its ballast bins. After they executed, two of the males sailed abet to the waft. One stayed slack. He carried a handgun and ordered the tanker’s crew to retain sailing.

By leisurely Could possibly well, the tanker, which used to be known as the Noor One, had passed by the Suez Canal. Early on the morning of June 6, it nosed into Elefsina, a grimy port staunch west of Athens. The following afternoon, four Kurdish males in a sunless Mercedes SUV pulled up in entrance of the ship, hauled the sacks of heroin out of the Noor One’s ballasts, and started transporting them toward Athens.

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