The Best Way To Get To Australia

Australia is known for its fine weather, stunning views and fun culture. If you are looking for a new environment or have a job, we recommend that you consider moving to this unique country. You need the right type of visa to travel to these kangaroo lands. Also, arrange accommodation, tickets and everything before departure so you don’t have to worry on arrival.

Please select a visa type

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

If you have a job in Australia, please submit an employer-sponsored immigrant visa application. There are two types of visas in this category: temporary skilled work visas and employer-designated institutional visas. If you already have a job, ask the company to sponsor a temporary work visa. Obtaining this visa allows you to live and work in Australia. This visa is valid for 4 years. However, as long as your visa is valid, the company must continue to sponsor you.

A sponsor visa is a good option if your employer is sponsoring you to fill a position where the applicant cannot find a job in Australia. Companies must be able to demonstrate that only skilled foreign workers can occupy that position. This visa is valid for 4 years.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

If you do not have a job , choose a qualified immigrant visa. With this visa you can move to Australia and find a job when you get there. This visa does not require sponsorship, but you must prove that you have the skills and qualifications listed in Australia’s Eligible Occupation List. For more information on the list, see

As part of your visa application, you will be asked to enter your personal information in the Skill Select database. This makes it quick and easy to find a job.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

If you are 18 to 30 years old, please submit a Working Holiday Visa Application. This visa is suitable for those who want to travel Australia part-time. You cannot work with the same employer for more than 6 months on this visa. Many young people choose this visa because they can take up to 12 months of vacation to work in Australia.

Keep in mind that you cannot sponsor a family member or spouse migrating to Australia while holding this visa.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

Get a student visa to study in Australia. To obtain this visa, you must apply to an Australian university as a full-time student. Many students have this visa and want to submit another visa application and stay there after graduation.

With this visa, you can work for an Australian company for a limited time.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

Have your family and spouse in Australia take care of you. If you already have a family member, spouse, or spouse, ask them to sponsor your visa. However, this option is expensive and time consuming, so new visas may be completed in a few years.

For more information on caring for your family and spouse, please visit the Australian Government website (

Submit your visa application online

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

Submit your visa application online. Apply for access to each type of visa from the Australian Visa Office website Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, it may take 10 to 30 minutes to complete your application. To create an account on your site, you will need to enter personal data such as your name, address, gender, country of residence, age, and email address. Once you have created an account, please complete and submit your visa application online.

Free consulting services are available on the site so you can determine the best visa for your skills and needs.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

Please enter all required documents. To apply for almost all types of visas, you need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months. If you are applying for a qualified immigrant visa or work and vacation visa, your account must include a bank statement showing the amount. The amount is usually in the thousands of dollars. This money has just arrived in Australia and will be used to support you when you are still looking for a job.

When applying for a company-sponsored visa, the employer must provide a document certifying that you are offering a job in Australia.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

Master’s English. Knowledge of English is a prerequisite for submitting an Australian visa application. If your native language is not English, you will need to get a certain score on the English test. Record the value obtained from your visa application.

There is another option. You can apply for English lessons before your arrival.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

take care. You must be able to prove the required medical condition on your visa application. There should be no serious illness. You may also need to have a medical examination by a qualified doctor before arriving in Australia. This is done to ensure your health.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

There is no criminal record. You may need to obtain a SKCK as part of your visa application to ensure that you do not have a criminal record. If you have never been arrested or convicted, you have a good personality. This will increase your chances of getting a visa.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

Sign the Australian Value Declaration. There are two types of data: temporary data and persistent data. Permanent permit for those wishing to move and settle in Australia. However, temporary data will be provided to those who will stay temporarily.

The signed affidavit must be included in the visa application.

Organize travel, accommodation and business plans

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

If you have a visa, buy a ticket for a flight to Australia. You cannot enter Australia without a visa, so please wait for your visa to be received by mail before you buy your flight ticket. To save on ticket purchases, look for flights offered by low-cost carriers. Weekday trips are also convenient. Tickets can also be purchased during the Australian low season, such as May-September.

Finding an airline that accepts 30 kg of baggage gives you more flexibility to carry what you need.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

Scegliere una grande città come Sydney o Melbourne rende più facile trovare un lavoro. Se non hai ancora un ‘offerta di lavoro, cerca un lavoro perché ci sono più opportunit à nelle grandi città come Sydney, Melbourne o Perth. nell ‘entroterra, come una fattoria, vai alla periferia della città, del villaggio o del piccolo paese.

Puoi anche iniziare in una grande città e poi viaggiare attraverso l ‘Australia in auto, autobus o treno.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

Rent a house or room online. Use our online home rental site to find a short-term or long-term home that fits your budget. Renting a room in a rental property is cheaper than renting a house yourself. To facilitate the migration process, rent a place to live before moving to Australia.

If you can afford it, choose a furnished home so you don’t have to buy it yourself.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

Stay in a hostel or hostel to save money. If you rent a bed or room at an inn or hostel in the city center, there is a place to stay when you get there. Accommodation is an affordable option as you can live with the locals and get discounts. Staying at the hostel is a great way to get to know the locals and their lives.

There are many hostels and hostels that offer discounts if you book a room or bed a few weeks or months in advance.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

If your employer is sponsoring you, discuss housing issues with your employer. If your company sponsors a move to Australia, please discuss your accommodation in advance. Many employers offer temporary accommodation so you don’t have to worry anymore when you arrive.

Employers can also provide advice and guidance on how to find a good place to live within your budget.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

Apply for a job before proceeding. Finding a job in Australia can be a bit difficult. Especially when it comes to peak season. Apply for as many jobs as you can and find them before you arrive in Australia so you don’t lose your job on arrival. Look for jobs in Australian Government classified ads or expatriate websites. He is also looking for a job in the hinterland for farming. Such jobs are often available and easy to find.

If you already know someone who lives in Australia, ask them to find a job that suits your skills.

Make a final plan

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

We will provide about IDR 30 to IDR 50 million to cover the cost of relocation. Living costs in Australia can be as high as housing, and the basic material is twice the cost of housing in your home country. Before moving, make sure you have financial reserves and save enough money. These savings can be used to support your life while you haven’t found a job yet.

Also, make sure you have enough money to pay the rent for the first 8 weeks. Most homeowners have to pay up for 4 weeks and 1 month in advance.

Some visas, such as holiday visas and work visas, require a certain amount in your bank account to hold when you first arrive in Australia.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

Report the move to your bank and credit card company. Notify your bank that you are moving abroad and do not block your bank account or credit card. Don’t forget to enter the date of your move. Suppose you want to withdraw money from your account while you are in Australia. Also, look for a special travel credit card that simplifies the conversion process.

Another option is to close your Indonesian credit card and create a new one when you arrive at the Australian bank.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

Consider taking out travel insurance. If you don’t have a job to provide health insurance in Australia, you can get insurance to cover accidents and medical expenses. This insurance plan may end if you find a job that also offers health insurance as part of your contract.

Search online to find the best health insurance company in Australia.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

Do not overpack your baggage to avoid overloading your baggage. We recommend packing as much as you can on the move. However, you may have to pay an additional fee for excess baggage charges. Pack one or two bags, or as much luggage as the airline allows. Bring only essentials such as toiletries, travel documents and clothing.

Do not bring bulky decorations or furniture as they can be expensive to move.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

Please ship large items to Australia in advance. If you have furniture or books that you would like to have when you move in, please use the Federal Postal Service to ship them 2-3 weeks in advance. Send the item to a safe place, such as a friend’s house or an Australian host, and have someone pick it up. Make sure you have enough budget to ship it. Shipping can be expensive, especially if the item is heavy.

Consider whether the shipping cost of an item will be less than the cost of purchasing a new item when it arrives in Australia. Think about which one is the most economically meaningful.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

Please open a new bank account within 6 weeks of arriving at Kangaroo Land. Most employers transfer their salary directly to an Australian bank account without presenting a check or receipt. The sooner you open an Australian bank account, the easier and faster it will be to collect and manage your money.

If you wish to pay taxes during your stay in Australia , you will need to obtain a tax return number (TFN) from the Australian Government as soon as you arrive in Australia.

Cara Terbaik untuk Pindah ke Australia

Use public transport when arriving in Australia to save money. Australia has a network of buses, trains, trams and ferries that facilitate transportation. You can purchase a weekly or monthly pass to make your trip easier. Ticket prices are also very reasonable.

There are several reliable taxis in Australia, but taxi services can be expensive, especially if you use them often.

If you want to buy a car in Australia, you can legally use an Indonesian SIM card for 3 months. Next, you need to get an Australian driver license. Buying and maintaining a car in Australia can be very expensive, so avoid this option until your life is stable enough.

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