• Thu. Oct 22nd, 2020

Seagrass restoration speeds restoration of ecosystem providers

Seagrass restoration speeds restoration of ecosystem providers

The reintroduction of seagrass into Virginia’s coastal bays is undoubtedly one of the main titanic success tales in marine restoration. Over the final Two decades, scientists and volunteers contain broadcast greater than 70 million eelgrass seeds inner 4 previously barren seaside lagoons, spurring a pure expansion that has up to now grown to practically 9,000 acres — the only real greatest eelgrass habitat between North Carolina and Prolonged Island Sound.

Now, a protracted-length of time monitoring contain presentations this success extends far previous a single species, rippling out to engender sizable increases in fish and invertebrate abundance, water readability, and the trapping of air pollution-inflicting carbon and nitrogen.

Revealed within the October Seventh say of Science Advances, the contain became led by Dr. Robert “JJ” Orth of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, alongside with VIMS colleagues Label Luckenbach, Ken Moore, Richard Snyder, and David Wilcox. Joining them are Jonathan Lefcheck of the Smithsonian’s Environmental Evaluate Center; Karen McGlathery, Lillian Aoki, and Matthew Oreska of the University of Virginia; and Bo Lusk of The Nature Conservancy.

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