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Mercurial Lane: Q&A with Jay Schreibman


Oct 11, 2020
Mercurial Lane: Q&A with Jay Schreibman
Having correct started his Ferrari Venture career in 2018, Jay has already racked up a great decision of achievements with three wins, eleven trips to the podium and a second field stop within the Coppa Shell AM class in 2019.

2020 sees Jay compete within the Coppa Shell class as he continues to experience his ardour at the serve of the wheel of the Ferrari 488 Venture Evo.

Favorite feature of the Ferrari 488 Venture Evo?

The vehicle is I believe a large enchancment.  That being talked about, so two years in a flee vehicle for me no longer if truth be told ready to advise the nuances that somebody would possibly additionally hang after 10-15 years of racing. But I will uncover you that the two plentiful variations with the vehicle are the feel of the vehicle with the GT type wheel.  There’s up to now more feedback by that steering wheel and I’m if truth be told ready to salvage a better sense of the line the vehicle is going on and what my job is on the note that day.  Number 2, the downforce makes a distinction.  I exhaust a host of time taking a note at data with my coaches and attempting to enhance my utilizing.  Even at Laguna Seca this one year versus final one year, we’re seeing how some distance more velocity I’m ready to raise as a minimal velocity.   These are the two greatest improvements. 

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