How To Securely Email Your Credit Card Information

From purchasing goods to booking tickets to booking hotels, there are many reasons to email your credit card information. This shipping method is fast, easy and practical. However, email is not the safest way to send credit card information. If possible, we recommend that you share your information using other means or media, such as fax, telephone, or secure websites. [1] Find the X source However, if you have no choice and need to email the card details, there are some early security measures to make your card more secure.

Create a secure file

Cara Mengirimkan Informasi Kartu Kredit dengan Aman Melalui Surel

Enter your credit card information in another text document. Please do not paste the card information directly into the body of the email. Instead, include the information in a secure file. Create another text file with a program such as Microsoft Word and insert the paper information into the document. Then save the file to your computer.

These steps apply to text editing programs used in MS Word or computers.

Cara Mengirimkan Informasi Kartu Kredit dengan Aman Melalui Surel

Protect your files with a password. If the document was sent unencrypted, the information in the document is not secure. Fortunately, password protected files are easy. The process is slightly different depending on the software you are using.

As a best practice, create a secure ZIP file, which is the most secure file format. First, download a program that uses the strongest encryption type, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). A popular free program you can try is 7-Zip. Right-click on the document and select Programs to create a secure ZIP file. To protect the information in the file, set a password on the file.

Open the file in Microsoft Word, click the File menu, and select About. Click “Protect Document ” and select ” Password Encrypt “. Enter the password and press the OK button to protect the document.

You can also protect PDF documents. Open the PDF document and click “Tools “. Select ” Protect “, click ” Encrypt “, then Select “Encrypt with password . Enter the password and click OK to protect the file. You may need to choose an encryption type that is compatible with your Adobe version of the document recipient. If you don’t know which version of Adobe you are using, please contact us first. Confirm your request.

Cara Mengirimkan Informasi Kartu Kredit dengan Aman Melalui Surel

Securely share file passwords with email recipients. Email recipients also need the password they created to view their credit card information. Enter the password for a file on unregistered media such as a phone. In this way, you can open the file you sent.

Please do not email your password. When you send an email, your credit card information will be insecure and accessible to everyone.

Send encrypted email

Cara Mengirimkan Informasi Kartu Kredit dengan Aman Melalui Surel

Download email encryption software. Even if you send encrypted files, email message encryption provides additional information protection. Visit the official software website to download and get free email encryption software such as VeraCrypt and AxCrypt. Click the downloaded file and run the file to install the program on your computer. Activate the program when sending an email containing credit card information to protect your content.

The exact installation process depends on the software you use. However, the program will walk you through the installation process and provide you with instructions.

Make sure that the recipient of the email knows the password securely, as you will need to set a secure email password.

Some mail servers, such as Outlook, have built-in encryption that is available. However, this encryption is less secure than other encryption programs, and the recipient must use the same program to read the message.

Some email encryption software can also protect files attached to email messages. In this case, you don’t have to encrypt the file or document it yourself.

Cara Mengirimkan Informasi Kartu Kredit dengan Aman Melalui Surel

Please attach a secure file to your email. The process of attaching such a file is actually the same as attaching another file to an email message. Click “Attach File ” or click the appropriate button on your mail server, then select the document that contains your credit card information.

Even if your email is already protected, it’s much safer to attach a secure file than to enter your credit card number directly in the body of the email.

Cara Mengirimkan Informasi Kartu Kredit dengan Aman Melalui Surel

Send email from a secure Wi-Fi network. Do not send such sensitive emails over public Wi-Fi. Hackers can monitor unsecured networks and steal information. Work on your home WiFi network and make sure the network is password protected. This blocks hackers and prevents them from reading sensitive emails.

If your network is not password protected, contact your Internet service provider to set a network password. You can also change the network name to confuse hackers.

For added security, you can also connect your computer to the Internet using an Ethernet cable. Hacking physical connections is difficult.

Cara Mengirimkan Informasi Kartu Kredit dengan Aman Melalui Surel

Please delete it after sending the email. Hackers can access your email account at any time. When you log in to your account, your entire email history, including your credit card information, is at risk. Emails sent are deleted as soon as they are sent so that they do not appear in the message history.

If you need a registered email, make a note of the date and time it was sent.

In general, we recommend that you delete emails that contain sensitive information as well as credit card information.

Cara Mengirimkan Informasi Kartu Kredit dengan Aman Melalui Surel

Ask the recipient to delete the email as soon as it appears. The email and message history of the recipient’s email account can also be hacked. Ask the recipient to delete the email containing your credit card information.

For some companies and organizations, deleting emails that contain financial information is the standard method.

Unfortunately, recipients do not always pay attention to the information they send. This makes emailing your credit card information a deprecated option.

In addition, you can store emails on multiple sending servers, so if you and the recipient of the email delete the email, it will not be deleted or permanently deleted.

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