How To Do Yoga At Home (with Photos)

Practicing yoga outside the home under the guidance of an instructor is the best way to learn about yoga or delve into existing practice. Some people may want to join a yoga studio but have limited time and money, or may not have a yoga studio near their home. But no matter what your disability, if you really want to do yoga at home, you can always start to be mentally and physically healthy. [1] X Research Source

#1. Get ready to practice yoga at home

Cara Berlatih Yoga di Rumah (dengan Gambar)

Please come to the yoga class. Many yoga studios and gyms offer free classes. If you want to learn more about yoga, or if you haven’t practiced yoga for a while, take one or two classes. In this way, you can make your own yoga practice that you can do at home.

At the end of the yoga class, record each asana you practiced or asana and remember what you did now. The pose is designed to be easy to remember.

Ask your teacher for instructions and suggestions so that you can practice at home. Yoga instructors usually understand and support you when you can’t do a lot of practice in class.

Cara Berlatih Yoga di Rumah (dengan Gambar)

Use the beginner yoga video. There are many yoga classes you can listen to in the video. You can buy a yoga DVD as a basic guide to practicing yoga at home. You can also search online for yoga videos and classes that guide you through various yoga practices.

Select a video or course that is relevant to your training objectives.

If your workout goal is to burn fat and lose weight, look for a fairly fast-moving Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga video.

If you want to meditate and calm your mind, look for Hatha Yoga videos.

Healing yoga and lin yoga are usually done specifically to stretch and heal muscles.

After training, you can mute the video. I sometimes look back with my guide, but listen to your favorite music and focus on yourself.

Cara Berlatih Yoga di Rumah (dengan Gambar)

Find yoga information on the internet. There are many online resources where you can learn how to do yoga at home. Find information on different asanas and how to combine them into good practices.

Choose a location certified by a certified yoga instructor. Many yoga schools, such as Ashtanga, Jibamukti, Grouper, and Iyengar, have their own organizational sites. By studying on this website, you can get into the habit of exercising at home.

#2. Home yoga program

Choose to practice at home and recognize the problem. Doing yoga at home may seem easy, but we know that this decision can be very difficult, especially if you don’t have enough yoga experience. You need to understand the basics of yoga, from asanas to the correct posture sequence. By doing so, you can practice well at home and avoid injury.

Doing yoga stimulates praise and effort. If you want to hone your skills in simple ways, such as deepening your posture or mastering poses, you need to challenge your body and mind.

If you’re just starting out, we recommend using the DVD as a guide or online resource so you can practice comfortably at home.

Yoga teachers need to practice and teach for years to feel ready to offer classroom exercises that combine all aspects of yoga practice.

In general, set goals for yoga practice. Before you start yoga, find out why you want to do it. Yoga can be used for physical training, stress relief and management, treatment of illnesses and injuries, and the path to spiritual enlightenment that can bring true well-being and peace.

Forget the idea of ​​doing yoga in a specific time frame or series of postures. Instead, find time and space to practice yoga every day. You can practice freely at any time.

Determine the benefits you want to get: strength, flexibility, endurance, or overcoming anxiety and depression. You can also practice yoga to improve your overall health.

Record your training goals. Review these goals frequently and add new ones to keep your results up to date. For example, the goal could be “I want my heels to touch the floor at the hill position” or “I want to learn the position of the headrest with a ‘orthotic device”.

Cara Berlatih Yoga di Rumah (dengan Gambar)

Prepare the equipment for practice. At the very least, you need to bring a yoga mat. As a tool. You will also need to bring ropes, yoga blocks, large blankets and pillows. These tools enhance and deepen your practice and provide comfort during training.

These mats and equipment can be purchased at the gym, yoga studio, or online yoga equipment retailer.

You don’t have to wear special clothes to practice yoga. Wear clothes that are not too tight to keep you comfortable during training. Women can wear leggings , sleeveless shirts and sports bras. Men can wear sports shorts and T-shirts .

Determine how often you train. By scheduling regular yoga, you can get used to continuing to practice and giving others the opportunity to practice. Gradually increase the amount of exercise with daily exercise.

Start exercising 1 to 3 times a week and increase your intensity with daily exercise. Set achievable goals.

Adapt to your body’s needs. For example, you may need to adjust the length of your poses or perform different poses, depending on which part of your body becomes tense or stiff that day.

Cara Berlatih Yoga di Rumah (dengan Gambar)

Find your time. First, turn off or unplug all electronic devices. Tell your family at home not to disturb you. You can spend more comfortably when you are not at home or busy with errands. Explain that you are doing this yoga for your own benefit, and that you should be bothered only in an emergency.

Yoga classes usually last 60-90 minutes, but can be difficult if you have the time. However, you can enjoy the benefits of yoga by practicing only 10 minutes a day.

If you have small children, get the help of someone who is willing to accompany you while practicing yoga. You can even invite your child to exercise or workout while they are sleeping!

Anyone can practice and benefit from yoga. Incorporating yoga into your daily life can improve your physical and mental health with just 10 minutes of practice a day.

Cara Berlatih Yoga di Rumah (dengan Gambar)

Find a comfortable place to practice. You need to find a quiet place as well as comfortable. It is advisable to practice in a room large enough to move freely and close the door so that it cannot be seen from the outside.

Place the lugs 10 to 20 cm apart to avoid hitting walls and other objects.

Practice in a quiet and peaceful place so that no one is disturbed. Closed, damp, or very cold rooms are not a good choice because you cannot exercise comfortably in such places.

#3. Do asana

Create a series of movements in a balanced series. Incorporating “structured ” or poses into your exercise setup is the most difficult part of yoga practice. Especially if you want to train at home. Regardless of which method you use to learn yoga, there is usually a basic set that you need to use in your yoga class.

Start your exercise by chanting a short meditation and mantra to calm down and focus.

Set goals before you start exercising.

After deciding on the purpose of meditation and exercise, warm up in a sitting position on the floor.

After warming up Surya Namaskara several times, move to a standing position, bend your back in an arch, lean forward and relax in a corpse pose ( Savasana ).

After each yoga practice, you will finish as comfortably as the last pose. By taking a break, you can benefit from the training session you just received.

You can order. Remembering the mantra is the best way to set the right mindset when preparing for yoga practice. Remembering the mantra, even if short, is very beneficial to the mind and body.

You can learn the basic sounds, mantraum.

If you choose to chant the mantra, you will feel the vibration of the mantra in your lower abdomen. If you don’t feel these tremors, sit straight.

You can select another order. Also known as the Great Rabbit Krishna Mantra, the Mamantra helps you achieve peace of life and peace of mind. This mantra can be repeated any number of times: Rabbit Krishna, Rabbit Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Rabbit Rabbit, Rabbit Lama, Rabbit Lama, Rama Rabbit, Rabbit Rabbit.

Cara Berlatih Yoga di Rumah (dengan Gambar)

Keep singing and meditating. Reciting the mantra is certainly a form of meditation, but you can choose to switch from this meditation to a gentle meditation. Whichever method you choose, you will feel the benefits of practicing meditation in the mantra.

Shed your body as you like. Sometimes you want to keep remembering the mantra, and sometimes you want to meditate on it. The important thing is not to impose your will on your body.

Ideas always come to mind. You can use your concentration and learn to let go of everything you can’t control.

Whenever you need to refocus, repeat “no ” when inhaling and “what ” when exhaling.

Meditation is an important aspect of yoga and needs to be practiced on an ongoing basis. There are good days and bad days, but accept them as part of your life journey.

Cara Berlatih Yoga di Rumah (dengan Gambar)

Release your hands as if praying, and state your intentions and purposes. You cannot complete a yoga practice without setting goals. You can make Surya Namastera better by spending time practicing something or someone.

Gently fit your palms together. Start with the palm of your hand and use your fingers until you are praying. If you want to feel the flow of energy, leave a space between your palms.

If you don’t know what you mean, “Give up ” and try the simple thing of what happened.

Suryan Namaste Warming Up. There are many movements in yoga practice, so you need to warm up and prepare your body properly. Play Surya Namaskara for a few rounds to get your muscles and mind in order.

Surya Namaskaras has three series. As a warm-up, do Surya Namaskara A, B, C 2-3 times. The various warm-up movements rejuvenate and prepare your muscles, making your body safer and more flexible during training. If you want to practice stupid poses that require balance and hand strength .

Do asana. You don’t have to master every yoga position to practice well at home. All you need to do is practice and master some simple poses in a series of four poses. This method will help you do good yoga at home.

Start with a simple asana and move on to more difficult poses as you learn the basic techniques.

Start with standing position, inverted position, backward position, and forward bending position, and perform asanas for each yoga position in order.

If desired, you can perform a twist to neutralize and stretch the spine as a link between bending your back and bending your body forward.

Breathe 3-5 times for each asana.

Repeat the asanas on the other side until you have a balanced movement on both sides.

Please stand straight. Surya Namaskara After warming up, start with one or two standing positions. This pose improves overall strength, endurance and flexibility.

Whenever you do yoga, start with a standing Tadasana or mountain pose.

Continue with other important standing postures, such as the tree pose (vrksasana) and the warrior poses known as the first, second and third virabhadrasana, respectively .

Later, you can perform other standing poses, such as a triangle pose that straightens your hands (utthita trikonasana ) and a triangle pose that twists your hands (parivrtta trikonasana).

Is there a coup d’etat? Reversal may seem scary, but reversal is an important part of yoga practice. Reversals such as standing by hand ( urdhva mukha vrksasana ) and bending the head ( Sirsasana ) can calm the blood circulation in the body and stimulate and strengthen the nervous system.

For starters, seek the help of a professional yoga instructor before attempting an upside down posture. The trainer will help you perform this pose correctly to prevent injury.

You can practice by standing on the wall with both hands until you are strong enough to support yourself.

Gradually, balance your palm and head as close as possible.

Do not jump to the inverted position immediately. Since it puts a strain on your body, you may be injured if you move it forcibly.

Try one or two positions on the bottom of your back. Apart from inversion, the position of the back arch is the most difficult part of yoga practice. From cobra poses to wheel poses, these poses can strengthen your back and stretch your abdominal muscles. In addition, the arched posture of the backrest helps predict the outcome of long-term sitting habits.

Start with simple back arch poses such as grasshopper poses (salapassana ), cobra poses ( bhujangasana ), and leg poses ( setu banda sarvangasana) .

Continue with the bow pose ( dhanurasana ) and the full wheel pose, or the pose commonly known as the Kayang pose (urdhva mukha dhanurasana).

Twist movement. If you feel unwell after entering the back arch position, try twisting. This movement relieves tension and balances the body in preparation for a forward bending position.

Twisting your body can seem very difficult. Then start with a simple twisted body pose (bharadvagasana) with your legs crossed and move on to more difficult poses like the fish pose ( arda matsindrasana).

Experience the joy of leaning forward. Forward push-ups are usually placed at the end of exercise to calm the mind and nerves. Leaning forward from a head-to-knee pose to a star pose stretches your back muscles. This movement is also a preparatory movement before performing the final closing and relaxation poses.

Many benefit from various lean forward positions. Place your head near your knees (paschimottanasana ), sit in a janu Sirsasana , or star pose ( tarasana ) and breathe 8-10 times in each position.

Finish the exercise in the closed position. Closing poses complete the asana with active movements. From shoulder poses (Sarvanga Asana ) to corpse poses (Savasana), it calms the mind and relaxes the whole body .

A good set of poses to finish your workout is to start with the shoulder support pose (Salamba sarbangasana ) and proceed to the fish pose ( Machiasana ).

If you cannot perform the supported shoulder support pose ( Salamba sarbangasana ) , try lying down with your foot on the wall (biparitakarani mudra).

If you have never raised your head and think you can, you can perform this pose as the last active pose. Headrest and shoulder positions with and without support are two complementary positions.

Do Savasana and stop practicing yoga. After successfully completing the active asana, take a break. Finish this exercise in a squatting position and enjoy the benefits of a newly completed yoga session.

Try not to sleep while you are resting. This mode is very easy. If done regularly, you can achieve a meditative state through Savasana .

For more comfort, you can use a blanket to cover your body or support your feet.

#4. Deepen and strengthen your yoga practice.

Increase your exercise time. As you become more accustomed to your workout, keep each pose longer and change poses without interruption to increase your workout time. If possible, try new, more challenging poses.

Yoga classes usually last 60-90 minutes. Then you can adjust the movements and poses you want to practice according to their duration.

Strengthen your practice. As you become more familiar with your workout routine, increase the intensity of your workout. The trick is to keep each mode a little longer and challenge yourself to learn the more difficult modes.

From a low position, try poses such as matches and half squats.

To increase the intensity of your workout, increase the speed of repositioning.

Increase the number of exercises. One of the best ways to deepen your yoga practice is to increase the number of training days. You can train 5-7 days a week. When yoga becomes a part of your daily life, it has a positive effect on your physical and mental health.

Set a new goal. If you started yoga with goals such as wanting to live a healthy life or finding peace of mind to relieve stress, try setting another goal. If you are concentrating only on your body and mind, try concentrating on your body and mind at the same time.

Combined with chanting and meditation, this practice will increase your concentration.

Cara Berlatih Yoga di Rumah (dengan Gambar)

Come to our yoga studio for advanced or advanced hands-on class. When you’re ready to upgrade your yoga practice from beginner to advanced, you can do it at home with your instructor. In addition, by performing each pose correctly, you can prevent tension and stress in your body.

Cara Berlatih Yoga di Rumah (dengan Gambar)

Be patient and keep practicing hard. Yoga can provide valuable benefits associated with regular practice. Remember that yoga is a personal habit that has nothing to do with whether you can do it, and it is right and wrong for people to perform the specific poses that appear in videos and photos. please give me. Yoga is a journey, whatever your asana, enlightenment, or your goal. Embark on this journey with an open mind and an open mind.

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