How To Add Songs To Spotify

I have homemade music that I want to upload to Spotify, but don’t know how to do it? Unfortunately, you can’t download music directly from Spotify. If you’re an unregistered musician, you’ll need to register with a music distributor to upload songs to Spotify. With the exception of Spotify, most other music distributors upload music to other music services such as Pandora, iTunes, Google Play Music, and Amazon MP3.

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Cara Memasukkan Lagu ke Spotify

Register with a music distributor. There are many music distributors that can help you get your music to Spotify and other music services. Prices for this service may vary. Some services allow you to upload music for free, while others charge royalties. Other services may receive 100% usage fees, but there is a charge for music uploads or monthly subscriptions. Some music distributors offer performance monitoring and optimization, as well as other services such as promotion, mixing, and mastering, so you can play songs more often and add them to your official playlists . Our music distribution services include:

Tunecore :

CD Baby : https: //

Note : https: //

Provisional : https: //

Landr : https: //

DistroKid : https: //

Cara Memasukkan Lagu ke Spotify

Upload the song to your music distributor. Music distributors upload songs to Spotify and other music streaming services. The file uploaded to the music distributor must be a high resolution MP3 file or a lossless (uncompressed) waveform file . For best results, upload a 320kbps MP3 file. The file quality must be at least 120kbps to upload.

Cara Memasukkan Lagu ke Spotify

Provide appropriate metadata to music distributors. When uploading a song to a music distributor, you need to provide more information than the artist name or song title. You can also include information such as album titles, track numbers, music genres, copyright information, and more. You can add metadata directly to your music files or MP3 authoring software. Music publishers can also submit a form for you to fill out. Please fill out this form and all music metadata as completely as possible.

Cara Memasukkan Lagu ke Spotify

Please provide a cover photo of the music distributor. If you’re recording an album, it’s a good idea to have a cover available to your music distributor. If the uploaded music is a demo, you can provide a photo with the artist’s name or logo in the photo. When the distributor receives the music and all the information it needs, the approval process begins. Once approved, your music will be uploaded to Spotify and other music services. It usually takes 3-5 business days for the music to reach Spotify. However, this time may vary by distributor. It may take a long time for your song to be applied to other music services. You can schedule the time when music goes to Spotify. If so, make sure you have provided your music distributor with all the files you need.

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