• Sun. Oct 25th, 2020

Audeze LCD-1 Review: The Finest Headphones Below $500


Sep 29, 2020 ,
Audeze LCD-1 Review: The Finest Headphones Below $500
Headphones have a funny manner of dividing themselves into categories in line with issues as antagonistic to sound quality. Planning to take them on sweaty workout routines? You need to earn wireless earbuds, that are small and moveable. Looking to web a residing from residence without the little small toddlers for your existence screaming into your morning emails? Are trying something with noise-canceling tech. Playing video video games? You’ll need something with a constructed-in mic.

But what if all you care about is the correct imaginable sound? For that, you’ll need the Audeze LCD-1, a $400 pair of planar magnetic headphones that elevate costly, audiophile-grade sound inner the realm of chance for the center class. Whenever you happen to’re missing the stay sounds of your favourite bands, and also you don’t have the funds to spring for a esteem speaker machine and the total associated accessories, the LCD-1 are the next most practical possible bellow. You will more than likely be in a attach to run them straight into your pc too, no esteem headphone amp required.