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After Quiet Hill, 5 Traditional Games Konami Must Revive


Oct 4, 2020 ,
After Quiet Hill, 5 Traditional Games Konami Must Revive
  • Konami has re-launched some traditional video games on PC no longer too long previously.
  • Metal Equipment Solid and Castlevania video games are on the list of video games already on hand through GOG.
  • Listed below are 5 diversified huge video games that would possibly per chance perchance attain with being ported to PC.

Konami has been re-releasing a slew of video games to PC no longer too long previously.

It started with rumors of a Metal Equipment Solid PC rerelease that turned out to be very fine.

Since then, Konami has also long previous on to birth the PC port of Quiet Hill 4: The Room, a game at the origin launched in 2004.

With the company beginning to elevate their serve catalog to the PC gaming market, there are a gleaming few video games that wish to be on that list.

Konami - Silent Hill: The Arcade
Whereas the narrative changed into insane and the snort performing repulsive, Quiet Hill: The Arcade would possibly per chance be fun to play on PC. | Supply: Arcade Museum

5. Quiet Hill: The Arcade

Quiet Hill is easily one in every of Konami’s most popular and well-identified franchises of all time. For the rationale that birth of the 4th predominant game serve in 2004, the series has been struggling to quit relevant. Quiet Hill: The Arcade changed into a made of that wrestle.