• Wed. Oct 28th, 2020
    A.A. Williams
    Give the impression of her debut album, it is unimaginable to imagine that A. A. Williams only made her stage debut in April 2019. As a classically educated pianist, she uniquely and exceptionally blends aspects of put up-rock and put up-classical track. 

    Her aesthetic eight-note debut is named after a note which didn’t mark the album’s final lower but, Williams explains, “it light encapsulated these songsâ€. The album explores care for and loss in its many intricacies and aspects visitor vocals from Johannes Persson (Cult Of Luna), Fredrik Kihlberg (Cult Of Luna) and Tom Fleming (One Staunch Pairing, ex-Wild Beasts). 

    Lyrically, ‘Forever Blue’ is undeniably murky but there could be a difference between the lyrics and the track that will be uplifting. “If only I modified into as soon as somebody else / I will opt up tried to succor myself,†is the charming first line of the gap note ‘All I Asked For (Changed into as soon as To Stop It All)’.