4 Ways To Remove Foot Scars

Scars on the feet are very unsightly and can be embarrassing to expose the feet. Although it is not possible to completely remove the scar, there are many creams, gels, medical procedures, and home remedies that can significantly reduce the scar. There are treatments that can cover all types of scars, including burns, surgery, injuries, chickenpox, acne, and insect bites. Read below for more information.

#1. Hide scars

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

We know the type of your wound. It is important to know the type of scar before choosing a particular type of treatment, as different types of wounds require different treatments. Always consult a dermatologist before receiving treatment. The most common categories of scarring are:

Keloid Scars: These are large scars that appear to grow from scars that are difficult to heal. Keloids can grow in size over time and can sometimes revert despite treatment. This usually occurs in people with dark skin.

Hypertrophic scars: These are initially prominent scars of red or pink color. These scratches will disappear spontaneously over time. It is usually caused by burns or surgery and can also cause itching.

Atrophic scars: These scars are deep holes formed from severe acne or chickenpox.

Stretch Marks : Light purplish red streaks caused by significant weight gain or loss. It usually occurs in pregnant women. Over time, these streaks disappear and the color becomes slightly whiter.

Contractile scars: These scars are usually the result of severe burns and can cover large areas of the skin. This can cause stiffness and restricted movement, especially around the joints.

Dark spots : These types are not really scars, but are usually hyperpigmentation after inflammation caused by mosquitoes and other insect bites.

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Start treating the scar as soon as possible. Once the wound has healed, scar treatment should be started with the appropriate cream or type of treatment. Most scar treatments are more effective for new scars than old scars and generally save time and money.

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Please peel it off regularly. Most scars eventually disappear spontaneously as the skin regenerates, removing the stratum corneum and revealing new layers of skin. Regular exfoliation in the shower with a coarse exfoliating agent or skin brush will help with this process.

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Apply sunscreen. This can significantly erase scars, but it’s a hint that’s often overlooked. What people often don’t notice is that new scars are very sensitive to UV light and can darken when exposed to sunlight. Applying at least SPF30 sunscreen to new wounded skin can reduce discoloration more significantly.

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Massage your feet. Regular foot massage helps destroy the fibrous tissue that causes scarring. Massage also helps cure discoloration by improving blood circulation. You can massage your feet with a body brush while taking a shower, or use your hands to draw a long circle along your feet.

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Use a concealer . A good concealer can hide scars on your feet. Use a concealer that matches your skin tone and apply carefully so that it blends well with the surrounding skin. Waterproof concealer is the best option for dealing with unpredictable weather, and in the case of severe scars, theater makeup (darker than regular makeup) can cast more magic.

#2. Use of home care

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Use of Vitamin E Oil Vitamin E has been used in many health and beauty treatments for many years and many believe it is an effective scar treatment. Vitamin E oils are hydrated and contain powerful antioxidants that help repair damaged skin and tissues.

Vitamin E can be taken orally or by puncturing the capsule and applying oil to the affected area.

Vitamin E oil can cause allergic reactions in some people and cause streptococcal dermatitis, so first apply Vitamin E oil to a small area of ​​skin and then apply it to a small area of ​​skin. Skin that should be tested by applying. A wider area of ​​skin.

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Try Cocoa Butter . Cocoa butter is a natural product that helps reduce scars by smoothing the surface of the skin while hydrating and smoothing the core and outer areas of the skin. You can use pure cocoa or lotions with cocoa butter . This lotion should be applied to the scar area 2-4 times a day.

Cocoa butter should be massaged in a circular motion until it is completely absorbed by the skin.

It’s worth noting that while cocoa butter is more effective on newer scars than older ones, there is still improvement in both scars .

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Use lemon juice. Lemon juice is a widely used home remedy for healing scars, but this method has received various reviews. It is thought to hide scars by acting as a whitening agent and exfoliating agent, suppressing redness and rejuvenating the skin. Lemon juice has helped many people reduce scars, but dermatologists do not recommend this method. This is because lemon juice is toxic and can dry the skin and has not been scientifically proven to remove scars.

If you want to give it a try, cut the lemon wedge and squeeze the juice directly onto the scar. Leave it overnight or for a few hours. Do not use lemon juice more than once a day.

If you feel that the lemon juice is too strong, you can mix it with water or cucumber puree before applying to reduce the bitterness of this remedy.

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Use aloe vera. Aloe vera is a plant known for its moisturizing and soothing properties. Most commonly used to treat sunburn, it can also be used as an effective natural remedy for scars. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and is the most effective treatment for new scars (but not for open wounds). Aloe vera helps to cool and regenerate the skin, helping to remove scars over time.

Break the aloe vera stick and squeeze the sap directly onto the scar in the form of a clear gel. Massage the juice in a circle. Aloe vera is very gentle on the skin and can be reapplied up to 4 times a day.

If you can’t get aloe vera plants (although you can definitely buy them at many drug stores), creams and lotions containing aloe vera are just as effective.

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Try olive oil. Olive oil is another natural remedy to improve the appearance of scars. In particular, extra virgin olive oil is considered to give the best results because it is more acidic than other types of olive oil and is rich in vitamins E and K. As the skin is exfoliated, the acidity relaxes.

Apply a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil to the scar and massage in a small circle until the oil is absorbed. It can also be used as an exfoliating agent by mixing olive oil with a teaspoon of baking soda, massaging the scars and then rinsing with warm water.

Olive oil can be mixed with other oils to enhance the therapeutic effect. Mix 2 parts of olive oil with 1 part of rosehip oil, chamomile or calendula oil and apply to the scar. Other oils have been added to this blend to improve the ability of olive oil to erase scars.

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Try the options. Cucumber is a natural and safe remedy that is thought to relieve and relieve inflammation of the skin around the scar by destroying the scar tissue. This remedy is more effective for new scars than for old ones. When using, peel the cucumbers, chop them into small pieces and crush them until they become a paste. Apply a thin layer to the scar and leave it overnight or apply a thick layer and rinse after 20 minutes.

The remaining cucumber paste can be stored in the refrigerator for several days and should continue to be used for scars every night.

Mixing cucumber paste with the above ingredients such as lemon juice, olive oil and aloe vera can enhance the effectiveness of this remedy.

#3. Use of over-the-counter drugs

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Try scar removal creams and gels. There are many over-the-counter medicines that are said to brighten the appearance and remove scars. The success or failure of this product depends on the type and severity of the scar.

Medical professionals may be skeptical of the success of these creams, but many find products like Mederma and VitaK to be effective.

Mederma , used regularly 3-4 times a day for about 6 months, helps with stretch marks and other types of scars. The way it works is to smooth and soften scars on the feet and other parts of the body.

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Use a silicone sheet for scars . Scar sheets are a great innovation for treating particularly unsightly scars. The scar sheet is self-adhesive and adheres to the skin, and silicone technology hydrates, softens and hides the scar. Sold without a prescription, you can buy it without a prescription or at an online bookstore, and a box of 8-12 weeks is sufficient.

Silicone sheets have proven to be effective in treating scars, but it takes time and patience to get noticeable results. It should be applied to scars 12 hours a day for 2-3 months.

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Try whitening cream. Hydroquinone Whitening Cream reduces the appearance of scars such as stretch marks and black spots by over-pigmenting and causing dark brown, black, red, or purple scars. This cream is effective in brightening the color of scars and preventing them from appearing over time.

Keep in mind that despite their effectiveness, creams containing hydroquinone are forbidden due to their carcinogenicity and increased risk of skin cancer.

Hydroquinone is still freely on the market at a concentration of 2%. More than that, you need a prescription.

#4. Use of treatment

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Try dermabrasion. Dermabrasion removes the outer layer of skin on and around the scar by peeling the skin using a rotating wire brush or diamond wheel. In the weeks following surgery, new skin grows and the appearance of scars is greatly reduced. Dermabrasion is usually done on acne scars and facial scars, but it can be applied to the feet by an experienced surgeon. Exfoliating your feet is a procedure that needs to be done gently, as the skin on your feet is very thin and the risk of problems is very high.

Peeling the feet is generally recommended only for mosquito bites and wounds. Keloids or enlarged scars (raised scars) cannot be treated with dermabrasion.

Make an appointment with a certified plastic surgeon who can analyze the condition of your scar and determine if you are eligible for dermabrasion. These cosmetological procedures are usually not covered by insurance.

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Use chemical peels . Chemical peels can be used to treat superficial foot scars and are effective for scars caused by hyperpigmentation. During chemical peels, the dermatologist applies a layer of acidic solution to the injured skin and leaves it for about 2 minutes. When the acid is neutralized and the solution is washed away, the burning sensation ceases. Within two weeks of the procedure, the top layer of skin begins to peel off, revealing new smooth skin.

Some scars may require several chemical peels before you can see a noticeable difference in the appearance of the skin .

The new skin that appears after chemical peels is more sensitive and should be protected from the sun and protected by a high sunscreen for several weeks.

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Get laser treatment. Lasers are a great option for improving the appearance of scars that are deeper than those that can be healed by dermabrasion or chemical dermabrasion . The way the laser works is to burn the scar tissue so that new skin can grow and replace the scarred skin surface. There is no pain as the area is paralyzed with a special cream before the procedure. Another advantage is that the laser can accurately target the wound without affecting the surrounding skin.

Lasers are extremely dangerous when used improperly and should only be obtained from trusted clinics with qualified personnel.

You may need to return to the hospital for a series of treatments until the scar is completely removed. The disadvantage of this option is that the laser can be very expensive. It ranges from IDR 10 million to IDR 50 million, depending on the size and depth.

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Steroid injection. Steroid injections have been widely used to treat keloid scars that are difficult to remove. For small keloids, steroid injections containing substances such as hydrocortisone are injected directly into the skin around the scar. Large keloids may be cleaved or frozen prior to steroid administration.

Steroid treatment is a process, not a one-time treatment, and you need to go to the hospital once every 2-3 weeks for injections.

Although this treatment has a high success rate, it is relatively expensive and can cause skin discoloration in patients with slightly darker skin. Talk to your plastic surgeon to determine if this treatment is right for you.

4 Cara untuk Menghilangkan Bekas Luka di Kaki

Try using collagen or other fillers. Injections of collagen and other fats can be very helpful in improving the appearance of scars such as chickenpox and acne. Collagen is a naturally occurring animal protein that is injected into the skin with a fine needle to fill the gaps in the scar. Collagen treatment is very effective, but it is not permanent because natural collagen is absorbed by the body. The scar should be filled after about 4 months.

A single collagen injection costs around Rp2.5 million, so treating scars this way can be quite expensive.

Before giving a collagen injection, it should be tested to make sure there is no allergic reaction to the treatment.

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