4 Ways To Make Money Fast

It can be stressful when you need to pay your bills or make fast money to buy what you need, but you still have a choice. You can sell goods and services, wash and dispose of things, do strange things, and borrow money. These methods may or may not work in the long run, but if you need money in hours or days, this is the way to go.

#1. Sale of goods and services

Bring the item you want to sell to the pawn shop. Local pawn shops charge reasonable prices for expensive items such as electronics, musical instruments, and jewelry. Take your stuff to a pawn shop and see how much they give you. First of all, it’s a way to make money even if you don’t have it.

Pawnshops do not buy the real value of things by reselling them to make money.

Redeem cash at a thrift shop. Some secondhand bookstores also buy clothes, CDs, VCDs, audiobooks, secondhand books and more. Bring items still in good condition and exchange them to see what you can get.

This store makes money by reselling your item to prevent you from getting the same real value as the item.

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

Go to a used clothing store and sell what you no longer need. Choose a day to store your used hut in your yard. Promote the address of used stands in local newspapers and promote them online on social media and some websites. That’s why files organize things on tables, mats, shelves, or anywhere in front of your home. You can group items by price or set a price for each item.

Show all the expensive items and spells you want to present. Interesting items for sale include CDs, DVDs, books, musical instruments, collectible toys, electronic devices (computers, tablets, TVs, speakers, etc.), smartphones, video games, jewelry, unused clothes and shoes, greeting cards, etc. I have. ..

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

Sell ​​what you no longer need on your trading website. Some websites charge a small fee or a percentage of the selling price, but in many cases displaying items is costly. We sell all items in good condition or in new condition.

Try using eBay or a similar website to sell your items at auction. Thus, if the item you sell is rare or worth it, you can earn more.

Retail sites like Amazon and AbeBooks.com may pay for popular items such as books, DVDs, electronics, and smartphones. This site charges a small fee or a percentage of your income.

Open the lemonade door . If you have enough money to buy lemonade ingredients, teapots, and cups, you can open the lemonade stand. Place the item in a sturdy or wooden box and note the price of the glass.

Make your own lemonade with clean drinking water and add a little more ice if you can!

This lemonade stand is perfect for the hot and dry season. Open a booth in the courtyard and wait for buyers to arrive.

Be sure to obtain parental permission before installing the lemonade stand.

We provide home care services in your area. You can also make money by doing garden chores such as lawn mowing, ground mowing, weeding, and dry leaf removal. Create flyers to promote your service and spread it throughout your home, or use door-to-door sales services.

We will set a fair price for your service and do our best for those who are willing to pay you. To attract people who are interested in hiring your service, see how much others are charging and lower the price by a few dollars.

Rent a room at home for tourists. If you live in a city or a popular tourist destination, passers-by will find a place to stay. Even if you don’t live in a less crowded area, you can use the rental site to find people who are willing to stay at home.

Find out how much others charge to help you set the price for your room. For example, if the price for a room of the same size in your area is IDR 300,000 per night, change this price for the room you rent.

#2. Do something strange

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

You can find paid light jobs through the app. There are apps that pay for marketing tasks such as checking products at a grocery store or filling out a survey. Download the app and use it to perform simple tasks.

You don’t make a lot of money for work this way. But you can start working right away and make money.

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

Complete the online survey. There are many dedicated websites for connecting users to free online surveys. These websites usually pay tens of thousands of rupees per survey, but it takes a little longer to complete the survey and the payment is quick.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is another way to make money online by answering questions and completing simple tasks. However, salaries are very low, usually thousands of rupees per job.

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

Use technology to do your daily work. Advertise online or sign up for a professional hiring agency for a one-on-one job. Workers such as construction contractors, garden technicians, homeowners, and small business owners can get together and wait for their employer. Part-time jobs that typically require two days of work are:


Basic office work

Garden maintenance (cleaning dry leaves, mowing, defrosting, cleaning gutters, etc.)

Parents collecting groceries and helping with household chores

Routine work (house cleaning, attic or warehouse cleaning, etc.)

car wash

Shipping and / or packaging

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

If you love animals, get help from them. Find a friend in another area and offer to take care of your pet when it isn’t there. Small homes and apartments are a great option, as professional day care tends to be expensive.

See what your local groomer charges you to help you determine the price. On holidays, caregivers are usually overworked and may charge higher fees.

Ask your friends and family if you know who needs the services of Groomer. Word-of-mouth is often the best way to get a job.

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

If you live in an area that requires service, you will be accompanied by a walking dog. We can provide dog walking services to dog owners who are too busy to take their dogs out. However, make sure you have enough stamina for this type of work. This can be very difficult, especially if you are walking multiple dogs at the same time or walking dogs all day long.

Find out how many other people offer dog walking services in your area and compare your rates to their rates.

Create flyers to promote your dog walking service or place your ad in an online ad.

Tell your friends and family that you are looking for a job as a dog sitter.

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

If you can handle your child well, please provide babysitter service. To be hired by strangers, it’s best to have a first aid kit or special talents and skills to entertain your child. However, taking care of someone you already know or having someone recommend you to someone who needs a babysitter can help you make money faster.

Check the prices of nannies in your area and ask for competitive rates.

Remember that parenting is often difficult. have fun!

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

Please register with the shipping company. Companies like Gojek and Grab provide services that connect drivers with people who need and are willing to pay for delivery services. You must have your own car and a valid driver’s license and meet your driving requirements.

It takes time to apply as a driver, but once you apply, the demand is high and you can make money immediately.

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

Become a street artist and show your talent. If you can dance, make music, sing, and make jokes, you can make money by playing in public. Look and find a place to brag about. Give them a live show and hopefully they will give you some money.

Don’t forget to bring a hat, mug, instrument stand, or the money you’ve been given.

Be sure to check local regulations before doing this kind of work in public, as there are restrictions or restrictions in some areas.

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

Set an example for art students at your local art school or museum. Contact schools, universities and galleries for real modeling opportunities. Art school students learn to draw characters by learning real models. Those who want to stand naked in front of a crowd for up to 30 minutes can make money this way (usually an hourly rate).

People rent models of all shapes, sizes and types.

#3. Recycling and sorting

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

Please return the bottle and refund it. If you live in a state in the United States, return to the parcel collection center for 5 or 10 cents per package or bottle. There are several ways to take advantage of this opportunity.

Ask your family about cans and bottles.

Find cans and bottles in trash cans, busy streets, and other places where people gather (parks, playgrounds, etc.).

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

Collect garbage and make money. If you have a pile of garbage in your backyard, if you have a vehicle such as a pickup truck, or if you know a landfill where you can legally collect garbage, you can order a recyclable item and have a garbage collector or You can sell it to the recycling center. .. In your area. Metals such as scrap iron, copper and aluminum can be cheaper.

If your area does not have a can or bottle return system, you can sell aluminum cans to a garbage collector.

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

Sell ​​computers that you no longer need or use. Computers contain precious metals such as steel, aluminum and gold. If you want to disassemble your old computer, you can either pick up the metal and sell it to a garbage collector, or find a buyer and disassemble your old computer yourself.

If possible, disassemble some computers for a fair amount of money. For example, we recommend that you select an unused computer from the school where you want to update the computer specifications, or search for a used computer.

Do not disassemble the computer that is still in use. Do not disassemble a computer that is working properly. Disassembling a computer in good condition may not give you the same amount of money as if you sold all the parts and equipment of your computer.

#4. Borrow money

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

Borrow money from friends and family. If you really need money, you can always borrow money from your relatives and friends. Tell them why they need to borrow money and say they will pay back within a certain amount of time (still makes sense).

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

Use your bank ‘s overdraft protection. If you have a check account or other account with overdraft protection (by withdrawing a check that exceeds the amount in your bank account), you may overdraft and pay later if you have an urgent need for cash. I can do it. The bank pays the fee first, then pays it.

This is a last resort, as overtime is usually charged.

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

Use the cash withdrawal function of your credit card. Some credit cards allow you to withdraw cash from ATMs. This method will give you immediate cash. However, the fee for withdrawing cash from your credit card is generally higher than the fee for a regular credit card, so you will have to pay more.

Some credit cards accept cash withdrawals by check. As you can see, interest rates are sometimes low. Contact your bank or credit card issuer for more information.

4 Cara untuk Mendapatkan Uang dengan Cepat

As a last resort, look for a short-term loan ( paid mortgage) or a secured loan (mortgage , usually a car loan). Companies that offer this type of service usually offer high interest rates (sometimes hundreds). If you don’t pay your loan and interest on time, you run the risk of higher interest rates, or if you rent a real estate loan you may lose your car .. Avoid such loans unless it is urgent and you are confident that you can repay it.

Instead, ask your boss if you can prepay a portion of your salary.

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