4 Ways To Clean Gold Jewelery

Unlike silver, the surface of gold does not change color over time. However, under normal use, dirt and dust can build up on the gold. Only appliances and some materials are needed to restore luster to rings, bracelets, necklaces and other precious gold gems. Follow these steps!

#1. Clean your jewelry with dishwashing liquid

Pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid into a bowl of warm (not hot) water. Stir slowly. You can use regular tap water, but for best results you should use sodium-free soda or carbonated water. This carbonation of water helps dissolve accumulated dust and dirt.

Do not use hot or boiling water, especially if the jewelry contains fragile jewelry. Some gems, such as garnets, can be damaged when exposed to sudden temperature changes.

This method can also be used to polish gold-plated jewelery.

Soak the gold jewelery in the prepared solution. Place the jewelry in the solution for 15 minutes. During soaking, hot soapy water passes through cracks and crevices, releasing a buildup of hard-to-reach dirt.

Gently rub the jewelry with a soft toothbrush. Rub each piece of jewelry, paying particular attention to the corners and gaps where dust may be hidden. Use a very soft brush. The softer it is, the better. Hard hair can scratch the surface of your jewelry. If the jewelry is gold plated (not completely gold), you can completely remove the gold layer with very hard hair!

Special jewelry brushes are best, but small and soft brushes (such as eyebrow brushes) can be used.

4 Cara untuk Membersihkan Perhiasan Emas

Rinse each piece of jewelry with warm water. Rinsing well will remove any residue dissolved during the brushing process. Again, make sure the water isn’t too hot, especially if your jewelry contains fragile gems.

When washing jewelry in the sink, install or cover the drain to avoid losing the jewelry in your hands. Alternatively, wash the jewelry with toothpaste or a coffee filter.

4 Cara untuk Membersihkan Perhiasan Emas

Wet it with a soft cloth. Then place the jewelry on a towel, allow it to dry completely, and then replace it. Wearing jewelery when wet can cause moisture to adhere to the skin and cause mild skin irritation.

#2. Cleaning jewelry with ammonia

4 Cara untuk Membersihkan Perhiasan Emas

Know when to wash with ammonia. Ammonia is a powerful cleaner, but it is a mild corrosive chemical that can corrode gold metals. To prevent the jewelry from wearing, do not wash the gold jewelry frequently with ammonia. Ammonia is sometimes a good substance for “deep clean”, but less often.

Ammonia can damage some of the materials commonly used in jewelry. Do not use ammonia to clean gold jewelry containing platinum or pearls.

Add 1 part of ammonia to 6 parts of water (ammonia: water ratio = 1: 6) in a bowl . Stir gently to evenly disperse the mixture.

Do not soak the gem in the mixture for more than 1 minute. Do not soak the jewelry for a long time. Ammonia is a strong solution and is therefore slightly corrosive.

To quickly remove all jewelery at once, use a kitchen sieve like the one used to cook pasta. You can use a colander with a handle to remove the gems or pour the bowl over the colander above the sink. The sieve should be thin or small enough to prevent the gem from escaping.

4 Cara untuk Membersihkan Perhiasan Emas

Rinse the jewelry well with running water. Cover the drain pipe to prevent your jewelry from being washed and lost in the sewer. Alternatively, use the colander used to extract the jewelery from the ammonia bath.

4 Cara untuk Membersihkan Perhiasan Emas

Gently dry the jewelry with a soft cloth. Allow the jewelry to dry completely before wearing it again.

#3. Jewel Cleaning Jewel

4 Cara untuk Membersihkan Perhiasan Emas

Find the type of jewelry you need to keep dry. Do not submerge jewelry that has jewelry attached (like most earrings). Hot water can dissolve the glue, and the gems may come off, especially if you brush your teeth well. Use a special cleaning method for this type of jewelery that is not completely submerged in water.

Clean the jewelry with a clean cloth moistened with soap and water. As with the first method, prepare a small amount of dishwashing liquid. Soak a soft, fluffy towel in the solution and gently rub it on the jewelry.

Rinse the jewelry with a cloth moistened with plain water. Gently wipe the jewelry with a damp cloth to absorb the remaining soapy water.

4 Cara untuk Membersihkan Perhiasan Emas

Turn the jewelry upside down or hang it upside down after cleaning. Dry your jewelry like this. When the jewelry is dried upside down, the remaining water will drip and will not penetrate the jewelery grooves or seams.

#4. Use boiling water

4 Cara untuk Membersihkan Perhiasan Emas

Find out when this method is appropriate for cleaning your jewelry. The gold itself can be boiled without any problems. However, delicate boiled gems (opals, pearls, corals, moonstones, etc. ) can crack or crack, especially if the gems were cold before boiling. Not suitable for gems with gems, as boiling can loosen the gems. However, if you want to clean very dirty gems that are made entirely of gold, or gold gems that contain “strong ” gems such as diamonds, boil them. can also do.

4 Cara untuk Membersihkan Perhiasan Emas

Bring the water to a boil. You don’t need to boil enough water to submerge the entire gem. While waiting for the water to boil, place the gold gem in a sturdy bowl or other container that will not be damaged by boiling water. A Pyrex or metal bowl or frying pan is a good choice.

Organize your jewelry into bowls or bowls so that they do not overlap or stack. Water needs to reach every part of the gem.

Carefully pour water over the jewelry. Be careful not to splash or splash water on boiling water as it can cause severe burns. Once all the ornaments were completely submerged, add enough water.

4 Cara untuk Membersihkan Perhiasan Emas

Wait for the water to cool down. If you can comfortably immerse your hands in the water, you can remove the jewelry (that is, the water is warm enough and no longer hot). Rub each ornament with a soft brush, dry with a soft towel, and continue cooking over low heat. Then let the jewelry dry completely.

Don’t worry if the water is dirty. good! When boiling water melts the dust, dirt, and wax that collects on the jewelry, the dust melts or floats on the surface of the water. So the dirtier the soaked water, the more dirt you can remove from your jewelry!

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