3 Ways To View Spotify Follower Playlists On Your Android Device

As you already know, I don’t know who is following a particular playlist on Spotify. Spotify users frequently request this feature, but a status update uploaded by the Spotify development team in 2019 confirmed that they have no plans to implement it.

Search Source Unfortunately, there are things you can do to make Spotify playlists and profiles more popular on Android devices.

What do you know about your followers?

3 Cara untuk Melihat Para Pengikut Daftar Putar di Spotify Melalui Perangkat Android

Users who follow your Spotify profile will continue to be visible. This information doesn’t necessarily indicate if someone is following a particular playlist you’ve created, but at least those who are following you can see it. Also, if someone is following your profile, you may be following one or more playlists you have created. To access your Spotify profile, tap the Home tab , select the gear icon at the top of the screen, then tap your name. Then select Number of Followers at the top of the page to see a complete list of followers for your profile.

Tap a follower’s name to access their profile to see what kind of music they like. You can also view and mark his public playlists and other playlists he follows. This information leads to the next question …

Is there another way to see who is following the playlist I created?

3 Cara untuk Melihat Para Pengikut Daftar Putar di Spotify Melalui Perangkat Android

You can see the list that someone is following . Note that in the previous sentence, the word may appear in italics. Spotify has published all the new playlists that users are following on their profile. However, when someone follows the list, no information is posted unless the user manually marks the playlist as public. If you want to know if a particular user is following a playlist, go to that user’s profile and select “Playlist ” at the top of the page. To do. Browse the list to see if the playlist is published in the list below.

If your playlist doesn’t appear in your profile, you can still follow it, but you can’t mark it as public.

What else can I try?

3 Cara untuk Melihat Para Pengikut Daftar Putar di Spotify Melalui Perangkat Android

You can vote to bring this feature to Spotify. One of the unique features of the Spotify online community is that members can suggest new features on the forums. Other users can vote to show if the feature is implemented, and the Spotify development team will record suggestions and votes from users. The follower list feature was first proposed in 2013, but users are still voting to restore it in 2021. The Spotify developers say they can’t implement the current service. However, this does not necessarily indicate that they will not bring it back in the future. To vote, go to https: //community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/Playlists-View-all-Playlist-Followers/idi-p/291448 and “Please click on the.

If you’re not already a registered member of the Spotify community, you’ll be prompted to log in with your Spotify account to vote.

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