3 Ways To Make YouTuber Success

After working as a YouTuber for a while, you may want to get more views and subscribers. If you want to increase your audience, you need to create a more attractive YouTube channel. To do this, follow the tips in this guide. Many people are unaware of these tips. As a result, they couldn’t be a successful YouTuber.

#1. Create a successful channel

3 Cara untuk Menjadi YouTuber yang Lebih Sukses

Make the channel name easy to remember and distinguish. If you want to focus the channel on a specific area, you need to create a new channel . If you decide to rename your channel to focus on a particular area, you’ll need to remove previously uploaded videos to make your channel’s content consistent. For example, if your channel specializes in music, you should remove non-music related videos, such as cat videos and other videos. Uses well-designed channel names toshow professionalism and differentiation so YouTuber can easily remember

For example, a person named Ridwan Noor who likes to sing quotes (songs sung by other singers) may use names such as RidWanur, MusikRidwan, and NadaNadaRidwan. Make sure the name is easy to remember.

YouTube users search for your video, and when many people see it, it appears on the first page generated by the YouTube search engine. Also, the video name is saved in the search bar (search bar). Therefore, when a user searches for a video name related to your video, your video name may appear in the search field. This will allow more users to access your channel . You also need to do some research to find popular topics related to your video. This gives you a lot of bragging rights when creating videos related to the current topic . For example, if a new song is currently popular and unpopular, and other YouTubers are following you, cover it so that more people can watch your video later . I recommend it.

3 Cara untuk Menjadi YouTuber yang Lebih Sukses

Promote yourself and your channel brand. Promoting yourself is very important. Some websites recommend YouTube user channels for free to Internet users . In addition, YouTube provides free space on your channel. You can use the free space to create stunning layout designs that attract the attention of your visitors . Therefore, make the most of this free space. Many successful YouTubers use text and images to show their channel brand to subscribers .

It’s important to remember that the channel you create is a brand you need to maintain . Channels need their own image, such as a company or product brand . If you choose a channel graphic, you should promote your channel using a specific style . In addition, the video produced should reflect the channel image and contain consistent content.

The attractive design allows people to visit your channel. In addition, the unique design reminds you of the channel . Therefore, for YouTuber to be successful, you need to create attractive and differentiated designs.

3 Cara untuk Menjadi YouTuber yang Lebih Sukses

Give your video a name and rate it. Properly naming and categorizing your videos is very important to your satisfaction with the content created by your subscribers. People like titles that describe video topics. Also, the video should contain an honest description that reflects the content of the video. Otherwise, the video can be very disgusting . Visitors who want to watch your video may hesitate to watch many things they dislike . Therefore, make sure the title of the video is not too long and use the appropriate tags for the topic of the video. For example, if you want to create a video about the automotive industry, the tags “car “, “Vehicles “, “You can use all-wheeldrive . “. The secret of trade “(a term of special skill that is not known to many). Initially, YouTube wasn’t difficult to code, so we designed the coding system as a system that many people can use correctly . Unfortunately, many YouTubers offer tags. ‘Technology ‘ and ‘Entertainment ‘ cover videos titledFor example, provide the wrong video title and the right tag. If you don’t specify the appropriate title and tag, the video will be deleted.

If you’re just starting out as a YouTube user, you shouldn’t expect to get a lot of subscribers and views in a short period of time .

3 Cara untuk Menjadi YouTuber yang Lebih Sukses

Create high quality video. Create unique, high-quality videos that will appeal to your audience. Scheduling one video production per week gives you enough time to produce high quality video. While shooting, you can apply different methods to create eye-catching videos. If you’re sitting behind your desk and shooting yourself, consider buying a bright white lamp and putting it in front of you. Also, if you buy an HD camera, you can see your face clearly and the video will include the music. Taking a picture with a low resolution camera in a dark room will blur it. This can confuse your audience.

3 Cara untuk Menjadi YouTuber yang Lebih Sukses

believe in yourself. To create a successful YouTube channel , you need to trust. With confidence, you can work hard to build and maintain a good channel.

#2. Create engaging and trendy videos

3 Cara untuk Menjadi YouTuber yang Lebih Sukses

You have an original idea. YouTube is a great medium because many have been successful. Justin Bieber, for example, became famous after uploading a video to YouTube. Scooter Braun, an American businessman, suggested starting a career with him after watching his video on YouTube. Justin Bieber’s career began and he became the highest paid teen musician in the world. He doesn’t have to be a singer to be successful on YouTube. If you have a talent or interest in a particular area, make a YouTube video to show it.

If you have created a video that has been viewed a lot , do not set high expectations, such as playing 1 million times each time you create a video . If the video does not meet your expectations, you will be destroyed. So you need to set realistic goals and keep working hard.

You won’t get a lot of views and subscribers in a month . Therefore, set realistic goals. If you don’t make ridiculous videos, such as filming a spaceship landing on Earth, you’ll have a hard time achieving your high goals. So you need to create a video with an original idea. They also make sure the footage is detailed and apply video production techniques to get the viewer’s attention.

Do not copy other people’s videos. Viewers are reluctant to watch videos that contain content similar to what they see. You can also report if you don’t like your video or if you find yourself copying someone else’s video.

3 Cara untuk Menjadi YouTuber yang Lebih Sukses

Make an interesting video. Create unique videos that attract people’s attention. For example, if you like to sing and want to upload a cover video, you shouldn’t sit in a chair and sing without providing a comfortable interaction for your audience. How to make a video coverMost importantly, you have to spend a lot of time learning to sing. Other than that, you need to practice singing while looking at the camera and showing yourself while recording. Please do not upload videos that are just singing. Try combining different styles when creating your video. For example, upload a video of a talent show or sing in a car. When you create high quality videos that exceed people’s expectations, people will return to your channel and continue to watch the latest videos.

For example, Edho Zell is a famous Indonesian YouTuber . He had 1 million subscribers and was able to upload videos on a regular basis and create videos that pleased his viewers.

3 Cara untuk Menjadi YouTuber yang Lebih Sukses

Please upload videos on a regular basis. YouTube is full of successful video bloggers such as Radiya Dika and Fathia Izzati . However, some YouTubers are pessimistic about gaining the same popularity because of their success . Like other successful YouTubers, both YouTubers upload videos on a regular weekly basis. Uploading videos on a regular basis is paramount to getting the viewer’s attention and keeping them watching. Making videos on a regular basis is both a big job and a job for many YouTube users. .. YouTube أنيسا عدك إنق ياء مقاי عفيديوج ديدة بГكل منتظمفي جذبانتباهال مقاهدي. ع mischovis ا من أن تحمي تحميK مقاطع █ يمكن أن يكون عمQUE ش█ وتسطتغرق وتسطتغرق عندم عندم خمسين مقطع أو أكثر ، ، يجب أن يكون يكون قن قن جمهور يحب مقα ا ا ا بك ويستمر في في اα 3 به. بالتأكيدعليكأنتعملبجدلتصبحمستخدمYouTube ناجحًا。

Ternal مق█ مقاطع █ ARRA A إذ█ جدوQUE جدو AND مزدح█ وaster يمكنك تركه ور ، ، اQUE ا ا ا ا ة ، فقد تد تد تد تد تد تد تد فقد 8 في في ا ا بهذه بهذه ، يمكنك ستخد ستخد وقت وقت ستخد ستخد ستخد ستخد

If you have a unique idea, make a video with that idea. Many YouTubers are unsuccessful because they make monotonous videos and lack their own ideas.

Instead of uploading a lot of poor quality videos, try uploading interesting videos on a regular basis. Some YouTube users upload 100 videos a day because they want to succeed right away. However, viewers consider the video to be spam (a large amount of data or messages that harass Internet users). This may hesitate to watch the video and these YouTube users will not get a lot of views on their channel.

#3. About the YouTube community

3 Cara untuk Menjadi YouTuber yang Lebih Sukses

Actively interact with YouTube users. To become an active YouTuber , you need to comment, like , and subscribe to channels created by other YouTubers in order to introduce yourself and get new subscribers.

3 Cara untuk Menjadi YouTuber yang Lebih Sukses

Be positive about the work of others. In this way, you get the following benefits:

You can gain popularity by replying to trendy videos . It also helps you to become a famous YouTuber .

Create funny videos related to other people’s videos. This is done to build a relationship between you and the YouTube community.

In addition to uploading videos according to other people’s videos, you also need to provide feedback to other YouTube users . You need to comment on unpopular videos that are relevant to you. This creates a relationship between you and the YouTube community. This will increase your subscribers and even make new friends.

“You are awesome! “, “You are a beautiful singer! ” and other unofficial comments Do not leave it to other YouTube users . Instead, you should leave comments that may lead to interactions between you and other YouTube users and viewers . In this way, you can build an emotional bond with them. We do not recommend requesting to subscribe . Because you may look like someone desperate to the subscriber . On the other hand, you need to get to know your viewers and other YouTubers.

3 Cara untuk Menjadi YouTuber yang Lebih Sukses

I respect others. Don’t expect too much from anyone on YouTube. Being polite increases your chances of success. Asking viewers to like and subscribe is boring and boring. Imagine receiving hundreds of emails with the same content . Of course, it can also cause hypersensitivity and hypersensitivity. If you consider your audience as a stepping stone to success, you can’t achieve anything in your YouTuber career. You should use your video as a tool to inform and entertain people. Also, you should not expect a reaction from the audience.

3 Cara untuk Menjadi YouTuber yang Lebih Sukses

Add social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to your channel. Social media accounts help you stay connected with your audience on social media sites.

Do not use vlog unless you have a lot of fans . Only famous YouTuber fans want to see their idol activity every day.

3 Cara untuk Menjadi YouTuber yang Lebih Sukses

Give a gift and thank the audience. You can donate when you reach a specific goal, such as getting 100,000 subscribers or uploading 100 videos . You can also thank your fans , follow them on Twitter, and create a thank-you video.

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