3 Tips For Driving Alone For The First Time

If you are hesitant about making long trips alone, consider the trip as an opportunity to spend time alone. If you plan your trip well and are prepared for emergencies, you can rest assured that the journey is safe. Pack snacks, wear comfortable clothing, and bring cassettes of your favorite songs. Then relax and enjoy a charming retreat along the way.

#1. travel preparation

3 Cara untuk Berkendara Jauh Sendirian

1. Plan your route and mark where you will stop. Decide which route you will take to get to your destination and then select an interesting place to visit on your trip. Even if you don’t want to stop anywhere, mark the stops. This is important because even if you’re using a Universal Positioning System (GPS), you may run out of battery or get no signal.

  • If you drive multiple days, plan the route you will drive each day. For example, you can drive 7 hours the first day, but only 5 hours the next day.

3 Cara untuk Berkendara Jauh Sendirian

2. Fill the car with essentials while driving. In addition to luggage, take cash and credit cards with you. Remember to bring your driver’s license and proof of vehicle ownership. Even if you want to use digital maps in the car or cell phone, you should take the map with you.

  • If you plan to cross national borders, make sure your passport is still valid and kept safe in the vehicle.
  • Remember to take your charger with you, especially if you use your phone as a navigation device a lot.

3 Cara untuk Berkendara Jauh Sendirian

3. Check your car before driving. Take the car to a mechanic a week before you leave and have them check its condition. Make sure the car is in top condition to avoid engine damage while driving. You may need to change your oil, add engine fluid, change your air filter, or buy new tires.

  • Do this a few days before your trip so you have time for additional repairs if necessary.

3 Cara untuk Berkendara Jauh Sendirian

4. Keep emergency supplies in the car. No one wants to blow out a tire or have an accident on the road, but there’s nothing wrong with being on the alert. Prepare the spare tire with other necessary consumables. For example, if you are driving in a hot place and worried about the car engine overheating, prepare some coolant. You should also prepare:

  • connection cable _
  • center
  • First aid kit
  • simple kit
  • blanket or sleeping bag

3 Cara untuk Berkendara Jauh Sendirian

5. Tell your family and friends about your plans. As you are traveling alone it is very important that your loved ones know where you are traveling to. Tell them the route and destination you want them to take, then let them know you’ll be contacting them along the way.

  • Email or write what needs to be done so family and friends can help.

#2. make the journey comfortable

3 Cara untuk Berkendara Jauh Sendirian

1. Wear comfortable clothes so you can rest. Do not wear tight clothing that makes walking difficult as you will have to sit for a long time. Choose light, loose clothing so you can move freely. Fold your clothes to stay warm or cool during the trip.

  • If you’re driving on a chilly morning, you can wear a wool jacket. The jacket can be removed during the day or when passing through a warm place.

3 Cara untuk Berkendara Jauh Sendirian

2. Listen to your favorite songs. Fill the music player with your favorite songs or bring a stack of cassettes. Listening to music while driving long distances is a great pastime.

  • If you don’t like listening to music in the car, find an interesting audio book or podcast .

3 Cara untuk Berkendara Jauh Sendirian

3. Pack healthy snacks with meals. Keep snacks in the passenger seat so you can eat them when you get hungry. Eating healthy snacks is also a great way to stay awake as it helps you focus. Don’t eat salty snacks that can dehydrate you. Here are some healthy snacks to eat:

  • granola bar _
  • unsalted peanuts
  • rice cake
  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • biscuit

3 Cara untuk Berkendara Jauh Sendirian

4. Bring a cool drink to stay hydrated. Water is one of the best drinks for long trips, but you can also bring coffee, tea, caffeinated drinks, or juice. Avoid drinking liquids that contain a lot of sugar, such as B. Energy drinks as they can make you anxious.

  • When you want your drink to stay cold, place it in a smaller cooler and stow it under the passenger seat for easy access.

3 Cara untuk Berkendara Jauh Sendirian

5. Don’t just look at your watch to see how far you’ve come. If you want to get to your destination quickly, endless glances at your watch will only add to your stress. Avoid checking your watch all the time. However, relax and enjoy the ride.

  • Instead of focusing on travel time, think about distance traveled.

#3. Protect yourself when driving alone

3 Cara untuk Berkendara Jauh Sendirian

1. Choose a popular route along the highway. Stick to your plan and don’t look for shortcuts. If you need to turn, follow the signs carefully. Do not use alternative routes or routes that you do not know.

  • Stay on the main road so you can stop and ask for directions if necessary.
  • If the weather turns bad and you feel uncomfortable driving, adjust your travel plans.

3 Cara untuk Berkendara Jauh Sendirian

2. Obey local traffic laws and drive under the speed limit. Always use safe methamphetamine and be aware of your surroundings. Don’t break local rules. However, drive carefully and with extreme caution.

  • If you drive in another country, you know the rules. The rules may differ from those in your country.

3 Cara untuk Berkendara Jauh Sendirian

3. Take a nap when you sleep. Find a safe, well-lit area and park your car. Close the door and close your eyes for 20-30 minutes. Better to take a short break than to take risks while sleeping and in an accident.

  • Travel after a good night’s sleep so you don’t fall asleep en route.
  • Have a caffeinated drink before bed to wake up more energetic.

3 Cara untuk Berkendara Jauh Sendirian

4. Do not call or write while driving. Driving while playing on a mobile device is illegal. So don’t use your phone for not having a ticket. Calls or text messages while driving can be annoying. In fact, you have to be aware of your surroundings.

  • If you need to pick up the phone, go to a safe place and pick up the phone.
  • Using the speakerphone has the same effect as holding the phone to your ear. So do not use your Gemla device to call anyone.

3 Cara untuk Berkendara Jauh Sendirian

5. Rest to recharge your batteries. Getting out of the car for a few minutes to stretch your legs and use the bathroom is the best way to take a break. You can use this time to contact your friends and family and let them know where you are.

  • Stop at a designated rest area or well-lit work area. Do not stop on the side of the road or in a dangerous area.

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