12 Ways To Send A Private Message To A Boy On Instagram

When you see someone you like on Instagram, you can start a conversation and get to know them by sending them a private message. [1] X Research Sources There is a lot that can be said to her in her first message, but some of her messages may push her to open her heart more than others of hers. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable relationship or a more serious one, this article contains helpful tips on what to say and sample messages to try! This article is based on a TipsSeo interview with John Terruk, a professional dating expert and founder of Awakened Lifestyle.

1. Respond to the content of his story .

Ways To Send A Private Message To A Boy On Instagram

Stories content is responsive, so it doesn’t send messages for no reason. This content only lasts 24 hours, so please post a reply to the content to show that you’re looking at the upload. If you’re concerned about mood swings, enter an emoji or a short response like “hahaha!” when funny content is uploaded. If you want him to respond to your response with a longer message, end your response with a question for him to answer.

  • For example, if he posted a bowling video, you could say “Wow! I like bowling! What’s your score?”.
  • As another example, if he posted a vacation photo, you could say “She is beautiful! Where is she?”.
  • Account owners with many followers can turn off commenting on story content.
  • You can also reply to content with a selfie or interactive video by tapping the camera icon.

2. List the ones you are both interested in.

Ways To Send A Private Message To A Boy On Instagram

To start connecting, visit our profiles and find out what the two have in common. Explore his feed page and search for a few of his favorites to find out what he’s interested in. Also, if you find something you like, send us a private message to talk about it. He will be delighted to know that you can talk to him about something and he may still be talking to you.

  • For example, if you find that he publishes a lot of comic book content, you can say “You have a huge collection of comics! What’s your favorite cartoon movie?”.
  • As another example, if he posts content about a football match, you can say “Manchester United played great last night! Isn’t overtime pretty stressful?”.

3. Ask him for a recommendation.

Ways To Send A Private Message To A Boy On Instagram

You can start a conversation by sending him a private message and asking for help. Read his profile biography and explore his content to get an idea of ​​what he likes. If you are interested in what he shares, mention him and ask about him in the message. He will be happy to talk about his hobbies and share more information.

  • For example, if you see he’s been posting a lot about shoes, you can say “Are those classic Jordan shoes in the last picture? I’ve been looking for these shoes for a long time! Do you know where I can get them?” them?”
  • As another example, if she posts content about a book she’s read: “Hey! I’ve been interested in science fiction lately because you’ve been reading a lot. Do you have an author? Do you have any suggestions?”

4. Ask open-ended questions.

Ways To Send A Private Message To A Boy On Instagram

Ask about his life and hobbies so he can confide in himself. Open-ended questions cannot be answered in one word, so you can start a good conversation. Start the question with the question word “what”, “how”, or “why” to get him to say more. You can ask about hobbies, childhood or things you saw in the post. Avoid asking too personal questions as this may make him uncomfortable.

  • For example, “There were a lot of good movies this year. What are your 10 favorite movies?”
  • As another example, you might ask “What’s your favorite childhood memory?”.
  • Don’t forget to join the chat! After his answer, give your answer to the same question so he can know more about you.

5. Share funny memes.

Ways To Send A Private Message To A Boy On Instagram

Related memes can brighten your mood without undue stress. In general, you can get a sense of humor from the content of his story and other posts on his profile. Find her mom on her internet or other her Instagram memes on her profile that she thinks could make her laugh and send her a meme. Share it as a follow-up message so he has something else to reply to.

  • For example, you could say “Hahahaha! ???? This picture reminds me of you! Have you seen this meme?”.

6. Throw a joke “crisis”.

Ways To Send A Private Message To A Boy On Instagram

Shows a fascinating sense of humor by making him laugh. In fact, the typical “father” joke is so ridiculous that it makes people laugh. Find one-line jokes that you find funny and use your favorite jokes to lighten the mood of your message. If he thinks you are funny, he will reply with a smile so you can continue the conversation.

  • For example, “Do you like curry? Because it breaks my heart! ????????
  • As another example, you could say “You like to run, don’t you?”. If he says yes, say “Oh, that’s right!”. When he asks why, you can answer “Because you are always on my mind!”.

7. Send him a photo or video.

Ways To Send A Private Message To A Boy On Instagram

Point out what he’s missing to make him yearn for you more. Send a selfie or photo of the activity you’re working on. Attach a text message or question to him so he has something to respond to. Avoid nude or sexually-scented photos as they may make you uncomfortable or share them with others.

  • For example, you can send a selfie and say “New clothes, here ! What do you think?”.
  • As another example, you could say “Look at the afternoon sky! If only we could see each other ????”.

8. Choose a light topic to keep the conversation calm.

Ways To Send A Private Message To A Boy On Instagram

Serious or taboo topics make him uncomfortable. Chat via private messages on Instagram should be fun because you’ll get to know it better, so avoid topics like politics or religion. So that you don’t feel uncomfortable, take the drama out of the conversation by talking about a hobby or something you enjoy both.

9. Give him a compliment that includes an appeal.

Ways To Send A Private Message To A Boy On Instagram

Say cute things to show that you want more than friendship with him. If you like the guy you’re talking to, show him that you want to take the relationship to a more serious level. Be light and funny without being obscene. Insert a few emoticons to make your message look messier, but don’t overdo it.

  • For example, you could say “Your clothes are so cool in your recent photos! Oh, if you could see them for yourself!”.
  • Another example could be “???????????????? There are many books in this library, but I just want to read your thoughts.”.

10. Ask her if she is brave.

Ways To Send A Private Message To A Boy On Instagram

Be clear on your goals so he doesn’t get the wrong message. Take the time to text him to see if you have a good relationship with him. If you really like him, be brave and see if he is interested in meeting him in person. You can take her to her coffee shop or meet her at her shopping mall for a date.

  • For example, you could say “I really enjoyed talking to you, but I also wanted to meet you. Would you like to go to a cafe with me on Saturday?”
  • As another example, you could say “If you want to see interesting art pieces, I know there is a suitable museum nearby. Would you like to go there with me this weekend?”
  • If he lives far away, ask if he would like to have a video call or virtual date.

11. Be sure to reply before texting him again.

Ways To Send A Private Message To A Boy On Instagram

Sending too many messages can seem annoying. Even if you are very bold and eager to talk to him, he can feel pressured if he sees a lot of messages from you right away. Send him one message and give him time to read and respond when he has the chance.

  • Don’t feel pressured to think about fun things to do while you wait or wait for a message from him.
  • Instead of replying to a message immediately, match the rate at which the message is sent. If he replies to your message within a few hours, you may have to wait several hours. This way you won’t be affected by queued messages.

12. When he leaves you, switch to another man.

Ways To Send A Private Message To A Boy On Instagram

If he doesn’t respond to you, he might not be interested. It is not pleasant for a man to stop chatting with you, but do not be discouraged. Instead of turning around and letting him keep talking to you, find someone else. There may be more people on Instagram who are willing to talk to you. So, send a message and take note of the response.

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